Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for the FemiLift treatment if I have a coil already fitted?


Does the treatment hurt during or after?

No. The treatment is pain free. It is more comfortable than having a pap smear test.

How long after treatment can I have intercourse?

You will be asked to abstain from penetrative intercourse for 3 days.

Will I bleed?

No. Usually there is some vaginal secretion for a few days which is considered a normal and healthy
reaction to laser treatment.

What type of equipment is used?

A specially-designed single-use sterile disposable probe is used during the treatment which prevents
transmission of infections. This is placed on top of a special laser handpiece, which is used to deliver
the laser energy (through the disposable probe).

I want a baby in a couple of years. Should I wait?

FemiLift can be performed at any time. It has no effect on fertility, pregnancy or delivery. There is no
need to wait until after childbirth.

Can I get an infection from this treatment?

Alma FemiLift is the only treatment solution in the world that uses a single-use cover/probe to
prevent any risk of infection transmission.

If I have vaginal thrush, will this treatment make it worse?

We do not recommend undergoing treatment with FemiLift if you are experiencing active or acute
vaginal infections.

Can I undergo treatment if I am on my period?

FemiLift is not performed during a patient’s menstrual period as the laser will not achieve optimal

Can it irritate my cystitis?

The FemiLift treatment has not been associated with any worsening of cystitis-type symptoms such
as increased urination frequency or a burning sensation when urinating.

I suffer from pelvic endometriosis. Can I still have this treatment?

In most cases, yes. This is based on the location of the endometriosis. Please consult with your
treating physician.

I am on antibiotics. Can I still have treatment?


I am having laser hair removal on my bikini line. Is it ok to undergo treatment after?


I think I might have an STD. Can I still undergo treatment?

It is better to have this checked out and treated before you undergo treatment with FemiLift. The
quickest way to do so is to visit your gynaecologist or your local women’s health clinic.


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